Solar Weeder Robot Tractor

Soltrans R2 robot performs excellent in this solar field, by not allowing weeds to grow.
2MW Solar plant map. Survey tool forbidden areas, tasks planning and supervision
Solar Weeder Robot Tractor RTK GPS

Affordable tractor robotic – autonomous weeder tractor.

  • Automatic guided from the base station (online) and manual guided using a remote control.
  • Front and rear cameras, online view in base station.
  • Fully rechargeable from its solar pannels and plug-in capability to recharge the batteries.
  • 5KWh lead battery pack.
  • RTK GPS guided (centimeter precision, typical less than 2cm).
  • 1 meter wide weeder with hammers.
  • Digital compass, industrial quality
  • Optional RISCO security alarm system with cameras, connected to RISCO-CLOUD.

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Rover software Solar Powered Weeder Tractor

The Rover SCADA is online-accessible from any PC in the internet or cell phone, encrypted communications.

On-line communication with the base station using web-services.