Solar Weeder Robot Tractor

Solar Weeder Robot Tractor RTK GPS

Affordable tractor robotic – autonomous weeder tractor.

  • Automatic guided from the base station (online) and manual guided using a remote control.
  • Front and rear cameras, online view in base station.
  • Fully rechargeable from its solar pannels and plug-in capability to recharge the batteries.
  • 5KWh lead battery pack.
  • RTK GPS guided (centimeter precision, typical less than 2cm).
  • 1 meter wide weeder with hammers.
  • Digital compass, industrial quality
  • Optional RISCO security alarm system with cameras, connected to RISCO-CLOUD.

Available from May-2021.

Preorders accepted with 10% price discount.

Rover software Solar Powered Weeder Tractor

The Rover SCADA is online-accessible from any PC in the internet or cell phone, encrypted communications.

On-line communication with the base station using web-services.

Base station software.